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eso 09-05-07 03:20 AM

NVidia xid-s with Club3d GeForce 6600
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I have system hanging and nvidia driver xid messages with FreeBSD 6.2.
Video card is Club3D GeForce 6600 256MB. I have tried every BIOS and xorg.conf nvidia setting - what results in crash sooner or later. My motherboard is Epox 8rda3+. btw the card works under winxp just fine and crashes the system under linux too (with xid-s).

Attaching nvidia bug report Attachment 27676.

eso 09-10-07 06:09 AM

Still no answer?
Wow not a single reply! Nvidia "rocks". At least AMD has announced it will open up ATI specs by the end of the year. I think I now what card to buy next time (glad I didn't upgrade my machine earlier). GO ATI/AMD!!!

fozner 10-24-07 04:13 AM

Re: NVidia xid-s with Club3d GeForce 6600
It's a hardware conflict with some hastily-built systems that causes the card to lose its IRQ. There isn't much the driver can do about that. I learned that from dmesg or /var/log/messages output. When I log in remotely and try to rmmod and insmod the nvidia.ko kernel module it says it can no longer communicate with the card. The IRQ is gone! Try removing unnecessary devices or shuffling IRQs around in BIOS, save ESCD. Others have recommended using some sort of nVAGP option in xorg.conf I can't remember. If all else fails, add noapic to kernel line in grub.conf. That's the only thing that worked for me. (lee63)

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