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Monolyth 09-05-07 12:26 PM

File server question.
Hey all, I have a question that I've yet to find an answer online for.
Let's say I have a PC and a networked File Server. The File Server contains 2 partitions, call them A & B.

Via Windows Networking I access a shared file on File Server's A partition. I want to copy this file from File Server's A partition to File Server's B partition. Here's my question, will the file first be transferred to my local PC before being copied to the File Server's B partition, or will the File Server initiate it's own file copy routine on it's system locally?

evilghost 09-05-07 12:38 PM

Re: File server question.
You'll be the "man in the middle". In these kind of scenarios it's best to execute the copy from the local server via VNC, RDP, SSH, telnet, etc.

Monolyth 09-05-07 12:40 PM

Re: File server question.
That's what I feared.

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