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HansBoldt 08-21-02 07:43 AM

Worked fine before, now getting "no screens found"
System worked fine up until yesterday. System uses RH7.0 with 2.4.18, XFree86 4.0.1a, GeForce4 using ~2 month old nvidia driver.

I now get "Fatal server error: no screens found". The funny thing about the log is that the config file "/etc/X11/XF86Config" is being used, but it should be using "/etc/X11/XF86Config-4". I have an old XF86Config file, but it's the XF86Config-4 file that knows about the nvidia card.

What gives? Any hints on how to proceed from here? My guess is that somehow the wrong config file is now being loaded, but why? and how do I fix it?

Thanks! Hans

Mogar 08-21-02 12:55 PM

I was getting this error on my computer because I had disabled in bios the option "assign irq to vga". When I enabled it I got all working.....

rol 08-22-02 02:33 AM


Sounds stupid, but why don't you make a copy of your
/etc/X11/XF86Config ?
(or install a link, ...).

You can also try to specify the config file to use on the
command line to start with /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. Thus,
you'll be sure that this one knows about your nVidia card.


HansBoldt 08-22-02 06:20 AM

Tried it, didn't work
rol: Tried it, didn't work.

Anyways, I think there was something really fouled up with my system. I thought I was using a 4.2 version of XFree86, but the log shows 4.0.1.

Since I had the RH7.3 install CD's, I decided to just go ahead and do a complete reinstall, which was something I was intending to do eventually anyways. I had been putting it off since RH7.3 didn't directly support the GeForce4, but if I have to muck around with XFree and the nvidia driver anyways, I thought what the heck - go for the upgrade and get everything on the system back in synch.

(Now, I just have to scare up a "good" copy of CD1, and I can retry the upgrade tonight!)

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