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qube 09-06-07 06:04 AM

Sony HES-V1000

The unit features a full HD 1080p 200-disc Blu-ray Disc™/DVD/CD changer (196 12cm BD/DVD/CDs and four 8cm BD/DVDs) and 500GB hard disc drive that can store up to 137 hours of video, 40,000 songs or 20,000 digital photos. Additionally, the device is Sony’s first Blu-ray Disc-capable component other than a VAIO® notebook or optical PC drive that can burn content to Blu-ray Discs, as well as DVDs.

superklye 09-06-07 07:02 AM

Re: Sony HES-V1000
Price? And is there a Cell processor inside?

qube 09-06-07 08:02 AM

Re: Sony HES-V1000
its not released yet and it wold be very expansive

superklye 09-06-07 02:36 PM

Re: Sony HES-V1000

Wow...only $3500. :rolleyes2

Lyme 09-09-07 11:18 AM

Re: Sony HES-V1000
qube when are you going to buy one?

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