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belanger 04-07-03 05:32 PM

Dual-head on Shuttle SN41G2?
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Greetings all,

I'm having a rather difficult time trying to get the second monitor of a dual-head display to come alive with TwinView.

Here are my details:
- your video card

Stock nforce graphics that come with the SN41G2.

- your driver version


- your distribution

Clean RH9

- your video bios revision

Model: GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU
IRQ: 10
Video BIOS: 04.1f.00.07.00
Card Type: AGP

- your processor

AMD Athlon

- your motherboard model (especially if you're having lockups)

Shuttle FN41(whatever comes with the SN41G2)

I've read the very thorough 48 page nVidia readme, but am still having no luck. I can get X to come up, but only the left display. The right display remains completely powered down. I've attached my XF86Config file as well.

Any suggestions? If I could figure out how to attach to files in a post, I'd include my log file as well, but that's available if that would help.


belanger 04-07-03 05:34 PM

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Here's the corresponding log file.

somoney 06-03-03 06:52 PM

nforce2 + Twinview is broken
From what I can tell so far Twinview is not compiled into the nforce2 nv driver thats being distributed. You're in the same boat as I. If you want Twinview to work your going to have to compile the source yourself and enable it at the DRIVER LEVEL.

THEN it's a simple matter of adding the
option Twinview "enable"
settings to your XF86config

Good luck, and let us know if you get it working! there are a ton of nforce2 useres out there that want to see Twinview enabled!

:afro: SoMoney :afro:

belanger 06-03-03 07:41 PM

Hello So,

Actually, I'm not using the RH driver. I'm using the latest nVidia:

Driver "nvidia"

TwinView *does* work, but only when you turn off the bandwidth test. When you do, the screens are unusable though.

somoney 06-04-03 12:24 AM

Hold the phone! Can you post your XF86config file here so I can play with it?

I'm trying to compile the latest nvidia build from source but there is no ./configure Only a Makefile.. What a pain!

Looking forward to see your config!

belanger 06-04-03 01:21 PM

It's attached to the first message.

Also, just use nVidia's prebuilt driver. It's actually quite well done. No manual make needed.

mykelalvis 06-07-03 03:14 AM

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OK. I finally got TwinView to work on my shuttleX .....

But I don't know how I did it.. :(

My XFConfig file got hosed somehow, so X wouldn't start. I eventually ended up with a fresh XFConfig.

I downloaded the latest kernel from RedHat today, re-installed the latest nvidia drivers, and presto! change-o! It worked.

That's all I did. Honest.

Attached is the working XFConfig file I used.

You might need to change the keyboard back to the 105 type.

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