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Matthyahuw 08-21-02 11:55 AM

RH null 1st impressions
I'm SUPER-DUPER impressed!
The KDE update is rockin, and now I have built-in Audigy support!!! SCHWEEEEET!!!
I don't need 3d drivers as of yet, I'm still a n00b and just toying with it, but I'm going to boot into it every day now since I have sound support now and get used to relying on it more and more...

If you don't need 3D asap, go get it!

Now all I need is to get my scanner, and printer setup, and it's all good!

lunix 08-21-02 01:39 PM

Hey congrats Matthyahuw. May your Linux relationship be long and fruitfull.
Come on though? No 3D support? Every Linux user needs to be able to look at "gears" now and again :D
Have fun!

Matthyahuw 08-21-02 02:38 PM

My only compliant so far is everything that I chose to install doesn't show up on the KDE Taskbar...but that's common of betas...so I'm not mad...

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