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decriptor 04-08-03 04:04 AM

seg faults and newest driver
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I installed the lastest drivers and when I went to play mp3s I found that xmms wouldn't load leaving a seg fault. I figured I'd go on and work on my report and found that I got seg faults from openoffice.org. I thoght maybe it was a bad install of redhat 9 so I reinstalled. Before updating the drivers both programs worked. So I installed the drivers and once again I received seg faults.

What should I do?

Redhat 9
P IV 2.4
512 RAM
GForce 4 ti 4200

P.S. I'm really tired so if it doesn't make sense sorry.

chrisv 05-06-03 11:59 AM

I also found this same problem and followed the same steps. I was using driver 1.0.4363. I compiled xmms instead of using the rpm redhat installed. I also had this problem. OpenOffice also seg faulted on me. Did you find a solution yet?

Redhat 9
PIII 600
Riva TNT

bwkaz 05-06-03 04:36 PM

Have either of you tried updating your glibc package?


Q: Some OpenGL applications (like Quake3 Arena) crash when I start them
on Red Hat Linux 9.

A: Some versions of the glibc package shipped by Red Hat that support
TLS do not properly handle using dlopen() to access shared libraries
which utilize some TLS models. This problem is exhibited, for example,
when Quake3 Area dlopen()'s NVIDIA's libGL library. Please obtain
at least glibc-2.3.2-11.9 which is available as an update from Red Hat.
Not only Q3 is affected by this -- anything that dlopen()'s libGL is affected by it.

chrisv 05-06-03 05:37 PM

Thanks for your reply, I am currently updating glibc, as well as all the other redhat updates available on RHN. Once everything has downloaded and installed, I will try reinstalling the driver and post my result here.

chrisv 05-06-03 07:01 PM

worked like a charm.

bwkaz 05-06-03 07:08 PM

Glad to hear it.

I wonder if decriptor is still reading his thread? Hope so...

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