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tornadog 09-14-07 12:38 PM

Let the people decide
The format wars this time around is so stupid...nobody cares for the consumer anymore. The studios decide which format you should watch, blockbuster decides which format they will support. What a bunch of hogwash..exclusivity my ass!!!

thank god for high speed internet and HDCP video cards, you format exclusive movies can go to hell...I will watch everyone of them using my PC and HDTV

S.I.N 09-14-07 12:59 PM

Re: Let the people decide
Heh, you have a choice of either BluRay or HDVD. Before your only choice was DVD. Regardless you still have a choice. And with that comment at the end I'm pretty sure you wouldn't buy either if it came down to one anyway.

tornadog 09-14-07 04:02 PM

Re: Let the people decide
I dont buy movies ever....I rent whatever I want to watch. At least with dvds I could search a movies name and just blindly drop it to my queue.

evilchris 09-14-07 06:19 PM

Re: Let the people decide
If the studios were neutral BD would be gone.

The only reason BD has been successful is studio/retailer buyouts by Sony, and the forcefed format via the lackluster PS3.

HD DVD has held on to 39% of the market with gross disadvantages. Now that they are playing in the mud with Sony, they are evening up the battle.

skoprowski 09-14-07 08:20 PM

Re: Let the people decide
Say what you want about the "format wars" and how horrible they are.........have you seen a HD-DVD or Blu-ray Movie? I have both formats- you will be hooked.

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