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alexdupre 09-14-07 01:22 PM

X.org 7.3
When will it be released a driver compiled for Xorg 7.3 (Video ABI 2.0) ?

kmoore134 09-14-07 03:56 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
Zander, any news on this? We are about ready to release PC-BSD 1.4 here, and now the NVIDIA driver is broken :(

freeDrivers 09-17-07 09:18 AM

Re: X.org 7.3
Maybe the best fix is to buy an ATI card now that it's drivers are open source !

Nvidia has not released any driver update in 4 months !!

zander 09-17-07 10:55 AM

Re: X.org 7.3
I expect an updated set of NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver releases (100.14.xx and legacy) with Xorg 7.3 compatibility to become available very soon. In the meantime, you can use the -ignoreABI option and use older drivers if you don't use COMPOSITE.

cervo 09-20-07 04:35 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
When is the driver released?
I need it very mush.

dannato 09-20-07 06:58 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
Hi all,
any news about?


Jandrese 09-24-07 01:15 AM

Re: X.org 7.3
So the unofficial word is that -ignoreABI is fine as long as you don't use the COMPOSITE extension?

SirDice 09-24-07 12:00 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
-ignoreABI works for me :)

kgish 09-24-07 01:12 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
-ignoreABI does NOT works for me :(

4th_dimension 09-25-07 01:26 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
any situation changes?
any news about legacy driver?
some fresh info, plz.

dannato 09-27-07 11:43 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
on FreeBSD CURRENT if i launch glxgear or some opengl application, my motherboard start beeping and system freeze.
IgnoreABI is on.
(Mobo A8N Sli Premium - Geffo 7800 GXT)

If i use nv driver instead of nvidia no probs.

On FreeBSD 6.2 looklike no problem but of course i cannot use Composite and have to ignoreABI.

1 - I always use Composite and spent a lot of money for that Geffo :d
2 - I cannot play wine games anymore like that :| and i want use opengl for many many other apps.

I know "i break balls" as we say in Italy but some infos to know about new driver fix date release will be nice.

Thanks & Regards

badger101101 09-30-07 03:46 PM

Re: X.org 7.3
Zander, it's good to hear that updated drivers for Xorg 7.3 are forthcoming. With that being said, several weeks have past since you made the announcement and it would be nice to get a feel for how far out they really are (days, weeks, months?)

Thanks again.

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