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nothere 04-08-03 12:12 PM

offscreen rendering crashes X server
since 1458 Drivers I've encountered following problem on tnt and gforce cards in connection with amd processor boards:
Every thing is fine including glx running glxgears does not reveal any error.
But when trying to do offscreen renderin from within the TGS version of open inventor the X-server crashes.
It allready crashes when i try to quest the size of offscreen buffer in pixels.
The application loads the nvidia glx as offscreen rendering works with mesa.
It even works under Windows allthough one has to set buffer size empirically als open inventor reports zero size.

For the 1458 version it seemed to work but since than i only got crashes even when turning off agp ...

I've just downloaded the drivers for redhat 8.0.

I've allready tried the hints from the faq's and checked this list for hints ... but didn't find anything apropriate or the hints didn't solve my problem :)

so what could and should i do be able to use the offscreen rendering from within open inventor without having to use mesa software gl(x)?

XFree log with verbosity level 10 says in the logfile aprox 4000 lines select returned 0 and than server abborts with signal 11.
There are no errors during startup and disabling agp doesn't help.
(still have the logfile. if needed i'll send it)

It is strictly linked to hardware supported offscreen rendering with nvidia >= tnt2 and corresponding drivers.


emblem 04-10-03 01:20 AM

Same problem...
I'm experiencing the exact same problem - I maintain a robotics simulator I've been noticing that offscreen rendering crashes X when I use hardware acceleration on machines with NVidia cards. Specifically I'm getting the problem with two machines with Geforce2's but different configurations otherwise. I've tried the last 3 driver versions with no luck.

Any ideas?

nothere 05-06-03 03:38 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Could someone from nvidia please give some hints about where to suspect the bug letting x server go down with signal 11 when trying to use offscreen rendering from tgs open inventor.
I'm attaching the corresponding xlog which is allthough verboselevel >=5 not verry verbose to me.

Could you please at least tell wether this is work in progress, or if it would be better to look at tgs pages or even report to XFree to get this nasty bug fixed. everything else including hw accelerated on screen rendreing works fine, not roubles.


nothere 05-06-03 03:41 AM

1 Attachment(s)
here is the xfree config as i couldnt figure out how to post more than one attachment ? except zipping

nothere 06-06-03 09:59 AM

Solved definitly

The solution was to set the defaulcolordepth of the Xserver from 16 bit packed pixel to at least 24 bit true color.

Semms to be an invalid assumption inside tgs or even general open inventor that offscreen renderer takes care of correct visual for xpixmap when doing offscreen rendering. While mesa reutrns indipendently a proper pixmap for truecolor RGB or even RGBA this does not hold for hardwarerendering. (nauturally offscreen hardware offscreen can only support modes the hardware is actually set to:). Open Inventor (TGS VErsion) does not properly handle the non truecolor mode cases. Ergo when tying to acess offscrenn pixmap or pbuffer XServer crashes with sig 11.

Sugest that this will hold for other applications doing offscreen rendering with implicit truefcolor assumption too.


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