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nin_fragile14 08-21-02 01:33 PM

What games are you playing right now thread
Hitman 2 demo
Medal of Honor

Cereal-Killer 08-21-02 01:47 PM

GTA 3 (I'm stuck and about to give up though)
Unreal Tournament 2003 :D
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3

volt 08-21-02 01:52 PM


fishlung 08-21-02 02:18 PM

Freedom Force, System Shock 2 and Half Life (orig, Op Force, Blue Shift) on the PC. Resident Evil Code Veronica on the PS2. And various NES games (which I'm in the market to buy, btw). :)

Matthyahuw 08-21-02 02:20 PM

hmmm, I'm not really playing games much anymore, but I've tried the 1942 demo, and I like it, other than that, it's JK2 online, or Madden...

mcortz_2000 08-21-02 02:35 PM

Quake3, SofII, NFS5(Porsche unleashed), Ballistic, Worms World Party, UT2003 MP demo, Virtua tennis(on PC and dreamcast), Mario Sunshine, etc....

saturnotaku 08-21-02 02:49 PM

GTA3, Half-Life and when I'm by my buddy's house for some LAN gaming, we play the MOHAA multiplayer demo. Here's how our sessions usually go. One of us will typically have the sniper rifle while the other two will have rocket launchers:

*crack* God d@mnit!
*woosh* *crash* Sh*t!
*crack* Oh sh*t, I missed!
*woosh* *crash*

It's a lot of fun. :D

SavagePaladin 08-22-02 01:23 AM

Moto GP demo
Hitman 2 demo
UT occasionally
gonna pick up NOLF GOTY since I don't have a working CD set

and downloading a bunch of demos right now:
Medieval Total War
Global Operations MP 2.0

(yes, late on MOH and GO, but I just got a decent PC recently so)

-=DVS=- 08-22-02 03:18 AM

Game Mania
Soldier Of Fortune II alot of fun :D
Dark Age Of Camelot online RPG fun to when you in a guild and can play with your buddys :p

that is pretty much all i play for now , still have alot more games but am bored from them have
Age Of Wonder II
Alone in the Dark
Commanche 4
Diablo 1
Diablo 2 & exp
Dungeon Siege :D
Evil Islands
Fallout 1 & 2
Gunlok - sucks
Halflife & all sort of expansions
Imperium Galactica 2
Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast
Max Payne
Might and Magic IX
No one lives Forever
NV Chess :p cool game by Nvidia
Project IGI
C&C Renegade
Resident Evil 3 :p my favorite
Red Faction
Serious Sam & Second Encounter
Starship Troopers
Tribes 2 - tottaly sucks to bad i payd cash for it god D@$#% :mad:
Unreal Tournament
Wizardy 8
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
All Tomb Raiders :rolleyes:

and alot of other crap :p 80GB of games :eek:

zoolap 08-22-02 04:17 AM

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 at the moment. Runs well on my p2-450 with first gen Geforce 2 MX. The likes of Medal of Honour and Max Payne etc are playable, but it's annoying not being able to turn up the settings.

JohnsonLKD 08-22-02 04:32 AM

SOF 2 multi
JK 2
GTA 3 (SpAnK mIsTy FoR mE!!!)
Warcraft 3
Battle zone 2 (was 4 bucks so bought again)
Pool of radiance

The ultimate DAIKATANA (Trying to beat this game w/o any cheat. I HATE FROGS!!!)

All C&C serieses (C&C 95/RA/RA2/RA xpension/RA2 xpension/C&C2/Renegade

For the XBOX...

JSRF/Halo sometimes... And A very nice graphic game that I have to use that DUMBASS debugging XBOX... (Highly confidential!!!)

For the NGC...

Starwars:Rogue squadron 2 (Still stuck at the strike at the core mission for 4 months!)/RE:RE (Resident Evil :Remake)/Eternal Darkness/Luigi's mansion (Still trying to get the A mansion. Now I have grade B mansion)

jnd3 08-22-02 08:27 AM

Jedi Knight II
Throne of Darkness ($8 at Target)
Medieval: Total War (when it arrives today)
Battlefield 1942 Demo (a bid dodgy on my system)

And since I just got a cable modem I think I'm going to have to give JK2 MP a try ... I'm up for some sweet saber battles.

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