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chijacky 08-21-02 02:25 PM

linux opengl extension
I am porting a 3D visualtion app. from unix OS to linux OS. In my app. I am using TLUTS(i.e.OpenGL extension). As far as I know, TLUTS is graphics card dependent. So I would need a way to access the graphics cards's opengl extensions info. Does anyone has idea about how to access opengl extension on quadro4 graphics card? or where can I get header file? Thanks,

r0gu3 08-21-02 03:07 PM

the header files are in the glx package from nvidia.

- r0gu3

chijacky 08-21-02 03:27 PM

What is the glx package? Am I suppose to download it from somewhere and installe it? And what is the header file name? Thanks a lot

Thunderbird 08-22-02 12:48 PM

The nvidia drivers include their own set of GLX headers. You can find those in the "glx" package that is the package that contains nvidia's opengl drivers. You will also need some other headers for example from SGI or from Mesa since nvidia's headers aren't complete.

Deraj 08-22-02 06:54 PM

Not sure if this'll help...
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but SDL ( http://www.libsdl.org/ ) allows cross-platform access to OpenGL stuff (including extensions, I believe), as well as keyboard, joystick, and mouse input.

It doesn't support any sort of cross-platform widgetry, but you could just use wxWindow or something for that. (Probably not important since you're talking about OpenGL)

chijacky 08-23-02 11:16 AM

OpenGL extensions....
I haven't yet found out what the correct procedure is to access OpenGL extensions under Linux. Can anyone share the secret, please? Or points me to a useful place?:confused:

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