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Matthius 04-09-03 03:09 AM

After formatting your PC
what are the first programs you install after you reformat your computer?

vampireuk 04-09-03 06:02 AM


Anything you want on there, I would start with all the service packs then install all the other stuff you want on there. Also moved to general software:cool:

DaveW 04-09-03 08:52 AM

Drivers, Norton Systemworks, ZoneAlarm, Winzip + WinACE + WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat Reader, MS Office, Paintshop Pro, Printshop Pro (for the wife), Roxio + Nero burning software, eMule, BF1942 + C&C Generals + UT2003.

saturnotaku 04-09-03 09:00 AM

Windows XP (duh :p ), Service Pack 1, motherboard chipset drivers, DirectX 9(a), video drivers, all other drivers not covered by motherboard chipset, WinRAR (no need for Winzip, WinACE, etc), Individually downloaded Windows updates, AT&T Connection service software, Avant Browser, then everything else which is too numerous to list. :)

digitalwanderer 04-09-03 10:02 AM

98se, intel .inf update, 98se IE 5.5 update, intel app accel, dx9a, drivers, cacheman 4.1, rivatuner, atuner, netscape gold 3.0, mozilla, windvd 4, smartFTP, and then I run all my .reg scripts to re-install my games/apps from other hard-drives. ;)

Takes about an hour and a half now if I start from scratch from freshly formatted to fully tweaked. I don't ghost, I find rebuilding the old HD sort of a relaxing distraction. :)

PsychoSy 04-09-03 10:16 AM

Uhm, after a format, I stick my Drive Image floppy in, point it to an image I made, and take a nap. When I wake up, I have very little to reinstall - if anything! :D

LORD-eX-Bu 04-13-03 01:28 AM

I haven't gotten around to re-installing all the stuff that I need, and I am thinking of formatting again:lol:

PsychoSy 04-15-03 12:27 PM

YES!! :jumping:

I just gave Norton Ghost 2003 a whirl. This version has a Windows interface and works really well. Tell it what you want it to do with a few clicks, it reboots into a Viritual "PC-DOS" partition, carries out its orders, then reboots you back to WinXP. And it's FAST!!

Just imaged a few of my partitions. :)
Might be snagging some harddrives tomorrow.

My choices are...

(*) One WD 80GB 8MB Cache Special Edition.
(*) Two WD 40GB 8MB Cache Special Editions.

Basically, either one 80 gigger or two 40s.

I'm leaning towards the two 40GB drives for possible RAIDage in the future. :D :)

LORD-eX-Bu 04-15-03 12:28 PM

I have Systemworks 03', I always uninstall ghost:lol:

GuyGeForce 04-15-03 01:11 PM

SP1 and nForce2 drivers, video drivers, sound drivers, all other drivers, and then Winamp :)

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