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S.I.N 09-22-07 02:25 PM

So I soft modded my XBox into a home theater box
I got a 360 about two weeks ago so I decided to retire my XBox like my PS2 but then I said what the hell I might as well try and mod the sucka to see what all the fuss is about and HOLYSH!T.:headexplode: Absolutely the most awesome thing. You don't need a media PC at all if you have this thing and if you were thinking about building one I would just buy a used XBox and mod it instead. Still trying to figure out everything because its only been a few days but its ****ing awesome so far.

And it was extreamly easy. I Read up on it for a day and all I really needed was to turn a original XBox controller into a Actionreplay/PC controller (which was useful and awesome at the same time as I can now use it on the PC with full functionality plus I was able to download a Marvel vs Capcom save file from Gamefaqs with all the secret characters unlocked ). After that Downloaded the software and got my copy of Splintercell which you need and went to work. Took about 1/2 hour if that much.:D

With the right dashboard you can watch movies on it, browse YouTube and many other media sites like CNN. Hell I was surfing the web earlier on it. You can even play emulators on it or copy your disk games to it. Whats awesome though is that you put put DivX or home movies on it aswell as pictures so it a perfect family box.

So I guess this is like a recommendation to mod your XBox. It literally puts the 360 and PS3 to shame with its media capability and functionality and can take the place of a media PC. Hell I'm thinking about getting rid of my satellite dish and using this my media centerpiece because its 100% more capable.

Here is a YouTube video two Dashboards.

From this...

To this.....
I use UnleashX which is simple and to the point.

Or this...

That is XBMC. I have it set as app instead of a dashboard. Its pretty cool and I guarantee will blow away many HT enthusiasts with all that it can do.

Also you can even download skins.

Eliminator 09-22-07 05:44 PM

Re: So I soft modded my XBox into a home theater box
yup i had that on mine as well but not softmodded... its great but a PC is still much better for watching movies on your TV... the 360 can also play all types of movies with a program that converts the file on the fly to wmv

Buenamos 09-22-07 06:32 PM

Re: So I soft modded my XBox into a home theater box
Yeah I've been using my xbox as a media server for a few years now. I've got a 120gb hdd in it but that was easily filled a long time ago. I mainly use my desktop as a server that streams all my divx movies to my xbox in the living room. The only problem is that the xbox isn't fast enough to keep up with h264 content so for all my HD content I just hook my laptop up via vga.

They recently made some progress with the xbox360 kernel which could POSSIBLY let hackers develop xbmc for 360 which would be absolutely amazing...but we'll see how that goes, I can only hope.

check out http://www.xbox-scene.com/ for any news related. Their forums are very informative as well.

Lyme 09-22-07 11:56 PM

Re: So I soft modded my XBox into a home theater box
My 360 currently gets most of it's use from being a Vista Media Center Extender. I have a dedicated computer with two wintv-pvr-usb2 http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/produ...a_pvrusb2.html for recording cable. Plus another dedicated computer for Windows Home Server for movie/media/music streaming http://www.microsoft.com/windows/pro...r/default.mspx . In my MCE box I only have 200gig for recording tv onto, while my WHS box has 1TB of storage. It is extremely nice to be able to watch the shows you want when you want, and stream all the media you have seamlessly to your tv/stereo though a 360 or xbox.

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