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tigner 09-23-07 03:19 PM

Xorg 7.3 Nvidia driver update timeframe ?

Thank you Nvidia developers for
supporting the FreeBSD platform.


I believe Nvidia developers are
working hard to bring us the
FreeBSD Xorg 7.3 drivers for I386 and AMD 64 bit systems. Perhaps
they could give us a guesstimate
on the timeframe for the release,
say, like somethime in September,
or maybe by the middle of October ?



That being as it may , I am running
with FreeBSD 6.2 updated with Xorg
7.3 and I am using the -- -ignoreABI
to at least get the desktop working,
however when I start Kpovraymodeler, the desktop freezes. I can log in from another
computer and see from the top
command that Xorg is taking 99%
cpu time. This has really killed my
3D design efforts since I can not
now use Kpovraymodeler. POVRay
works fine from the command line.

zebdits 09-23-07 03:48 PM

Re: Xorg 7.3 Nvidia driver update timeframe ?
Try to look in the thread linked below and see if it also apply to you

badger101101 09-30-07 03:39 PM

Re: Xorg 7.3 Nvidia driver update timeframe ?
Yes, a time frame would be nice. I am not able to get -- -ignoreABI to work for me. nv driver works fine. but it's a shame to have a 7900gt and not be able to utilize its power.


abonomat 10-05-07 01:55 PM

Re: Xorg 7.3 Nvidia driver update timeframe ?
Similar that there are no developers for FreeBSD. Can be will seem, and we learn as they look, as them call. Already is the driver for Linux IA64 and Solaris x64. In a view of it it is complex to me to believe that someone there persistently works. The driver without **** up to the end of October is necessary to me. It is necessary not for games. And if I shall not see it, will have to throw out this 7900GT there where have departed ATI 9600XT. I.e. in Trashcan. And to get ATI as they have started to be corrected and something can there already works.

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