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digitalwanderer 04-10-03 10:03 AM

Need some comparisons for GF4 ti4400 (300/702)
I'm trying to decide if I should go a bit bonkers modding this card out or not. I got it rock-stable at 300/702 by removing the heatsink/planing/re-attaching it with good thermal goop and disconnecting the heatsinks fan from the video card and splicing it to a 4-prong pass-thru. (That's what cleared up the memory artifacting for me past 675Mhz ;) )

So I'm scoring 9765 onions in 3dm2k1se right now on Bubbles with it (see sig for specs) and I can't decide if I should invest in some better cooling for the GF4 or not....I can't decide if it will really help all that much.

Ok, so I sort of have me heart set on cracking 10K with this set-up any way I can just 'cause I want to...it's been a goal for a long time. I'm damned close, but am thinking maybe I should just stop while I'm ahead and keep it the way it is. I got the card for $100us and have pretty much just invested some elbow-grease and time in it...if I buy additional cooling that'll jack up me price. :(

Any opinions? Do you think it's got a shot at cracking 10K or is it foolish to even worry about it?

ricercar 04-10-03 01:05 PM

Last holiday season I was in your shoes: obsessed with breaking 10K for 3DMark2001 with my Ti4800SE (equals Ti4400 AGP8x).

Finally I noticed all the people who scored higher with the same card had higher FSB. So I set my CPU multiplier lower and my FSB higher keeping the clockspeed about the same (1600 MHz). This is what ultimately gave me five digits of 3DMark with a video card that topped out at 300/700.

Try to tweak your FSB. Your machine may be CPU limited, but the Ti4400 card certainly can break 10K 3DMark2001.

Gator 04-18-03 06:43 AM

I think your SDRAM memory is probably hurting you. I'm running a TI4400 at only 300/600 and I get a higher score, but I have an AXP1700 and DDR. But your CPU is at 1.7ghz which even for a Celeron is pretty respectable, so I think your memory bandwidth is more to blame. And since you've already clocked the hell out of your TI4400, your best bet is to up the FSB on your CPU like ricercar suggested. You can also turn off AA and AF in the Nvidia control panel, and set quality to "best performance."


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