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vampireuk 04-10-03 02:14 PM

owned smilie
Udawg just discovered the owned smiley has a slight error:D


deejaya 04-10-03 08:39 PM


:confused: ;)

volt 04-10-03 09:35 PM

I notified someone about it a while ago i believe ;)

lame duck 04-10-03 11:19 PM

don't forget the :pimp: smilie!
this one is of more importance in my view.

|JuiceZ| 04-10-03 11:20 PM

wha works fine for me? owned: :o

lame duck 04-10-03 11:37 PM

the old <img> trick eh?

repeat null f00

volt 04-11-03 12:49 PM

Lame Duck: edit your sig, or I will do that for you :)

lame duck 04-11-03 06:20 PM

yarr :(

vampireuk 04-11-03 06:31 PM


I now see a read dot:cool:

Clay 04-11-03 09:52 PM

All this talk about smilies/emoticons reminds me about the "Dawn" smilie I created and sent to MikeC a few months ago....doh, still haven't seen it yet on the site though! :confused: He's a busy dude though I know. I also made a "March Madness" smilie but that's a tad bit late now. Ah well. ;)

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