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Nv40 10-07-07 07:41 PM

How to make lot of money in GW?
I have all campaigns and latest expansion..
Will like to know how you do ,where you go ,to make lots of money in Guildwars. and perhaps where to get perfect GOld and green weapons.

I know you can buy GW gold in Ebay.. but i want to earn the money ->having fun and playing the game.

any help?

supra 10-07-07 08:02 PM

Re: How to make lot of money in GW?
theres so many ways its not funny.
-trading (buy low/sell high)
-just exploring and killing.
-farming monsters in hard mode
-farming for a particular green
-faction farming (fort aspen/AB) trade faction for jadeite/amber

depends what you like to do.

this forum isnt really the best for gw info i suggest going to www.guildwarsguru.com/forum

Nv40 10-07-07 11:49 PM

Re: How to make lot of money in GW?
Thanks for the link..

I will ask there.. but actually there are ways , to get a LOT OF CASH
without spending a full day farming or wasting your gaming time selling things to people who are cheap and wants things for free.

For example a good one was offering your service as a runner for one city to another.. there are people asking 6k per party seat to run from beacons perch. (lornar pass) to droknar forge.. or vice versa.. you pay 1k in each stop.. until you get there. if you have 6 people ..that is 6k x 6 = 36k in 30minutes or less . and believe me it was the best money i spend ,got the best armor in the game ,in a new character.

There were guys asking up to 100k for tours.. so it looks like the easiest way if you are a good runner and have lots of experience. But i was thinking more for missions that give lot of money.. and/or the places for good gold/green weapons.

zoomy942 10-08-07 11:28 AM

Re: How to make lot of money in GW?
UW all the way, I have been on good groups a few times and made tons of money there.

hirantha 10-09-07 08:48 AM

Re: How to make lot of money in GW?
farm green and sell, i made 1.5mil just doing that, and collect the loot and merch em.

qube 11-14-07 12:51 AM

Re: How to make lot of money in GW?
solo farm in UW ss nec monk

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