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breathemetal 10-08-07 05:02 PM

Any serious risk?
Ive had my e6600 running @ 3.4 for a long time now

is it safe?

does it "kill" the cpu after a while?

i dont really NEED it oc'd, i just..well, like it. haha.

$n][pErMan 10-08-07 11:01 PM

Re: Any serious risk?
Depends on temps under full load and the voltage you are running at...

bail_w 10-10-07 01:50 AM

Re: Any serious risk?
if you afraid why you take the risk?

SLippe 10-10-07 02:33 AM

Re: Any serious risk?

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
Depends on temps under full load and the voltage you are running at...

What he said. ^

Extra voltage and heat are never good for computer parts over an extended period of time.

Revs 10-10-07 03:05 AM

Re: Any serious risk?
There is no 'safe' OC. Though i've never known anyone that 'wore out' a CPU.

My mates 6600GT was OC'd for a couple of years, it just got to the point where it wouldn't OC at all any more, 1 mhz over and it artifacted. I guess it would be the same with a GPU.

Crow_Nest 10-10-07 07:58 AM

Re: Any serious risk?
Overclocking is never safe. Overclocking basically improves performance at the expense of shortening your hardware's life by pushing it over the limits. It will run fine for some time, until the point it "goes crazy".

XDanger 10-15-07 07:13 PM

Re: Any serious risk?
If you are running your lowest stable voltages then 3.4 on an e6600 sounds fine to me ,Unless you want the chip to last 10 years.

Xion X2 10-16-07 06:09 AM

Re: Any serious risk?
It's perfectly safe long-term as long as you don't push an insane amount of voltage and keep your temps down.

ATOJAR 10-16-07 10:25 AM

Re: Any serious risk?
Overclocking is fine in my opinion, as said was long as you know what your doing and dont have your vcore at a very stupid high amount! ... ive been oveclocking my components(CPU\GPU)for a long time and over the years have never had anything fail on me(i sold a cpu a year back that i had overclocked for over a year, my m8 still has that same cpu running at the same overclock for 2 years now)! my current overclocks(see sig) are all rock stable! my cpu is on 1.41v 55c -56c Orthos load and 35c - 37c lidle(depending on room temps), my graphics card is ATItool stable, 50c idle and 65c ATItool load ... as long as you stress test, watch those temps and do proper stability tests you should be fine!

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