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RobHague 04-11-03 06:37 AM

The GeforceFX owners thread..
I thought that i would be nice to have a thead where you could post any issues and problems/information/tweaks you have/have done with your new cards. Its better than starting a new thread all the time for little problems when we could have them all in once place for reference.

Could make this a 'sticky' maybe? Maybe not i dunno. :)

I will start to ball rolling, since getting my card ive not really had any problems as such - more querys.

The FXFlow (FlowFX?) cooling unit does seem to have a few 'bugs' caused by the drivers so as thats the only thing ive had any niggles with (but they are niggles, im still quite fond of the FlowFX technology)...

1) DVD - When i first played a DVD the FlowFX (wtf is the official name? FXFlow or FlowFX?) kicked in. But since, i have put in DVD's and it hasnt anymore.... anyone experience this?

2) FlowFX just this moment kicked on, while i was in windows. What i was doing at the time was reading this forum and some pictures were loading - now it was NOT overheating as its the lowest temp ive ever seen it (43*c) so im not sure. It did shut off, eventually but it took its time. Im just wondering what could have set it off when i was doing absolutley nothing 3d wise. Interesting that it happened ^ up there with a DVD. Maybe playing the DVD was just a coincidence.

jAkUp 04-11-03 09:32 AM

i have noticed that sometimes when im on the web, and a web movie/ad starts to play, very rarely will the flowfx kick in... only happened a couple of times.

and with the old drivers and playing a dvd, my flowfx used to kick in but with the new drivers it does not

SurfMonkey 04-11-03 09:52 AM

Does the GF FX contain the same real time video processing circuitry (VPE) as the GF4MX or the NForce chipsets? If it does than that may be whats triggering the FlowFX as the amount of work being done by the GPU will increase even though there is no 3D processing being done.

StealthHawk 04-11-03 04:03 PM

hmm, BTW can anyone post any screenshots from different games with the driver set to Application vs Quality with a gfFX card?

from the same angle please.

RobHague 04-11-03 04:04 PM

Any AA/AF ? Ill do it now in GunMetal.

StealthHawk 04-11-03 04:09 PM


Originally posted by RobHague
Any AA/AF ? Ill do it now in GunMetal.
it's up to you :) all I want to see is the difference between the IQ with the driver set to Application and with the driver set the Quality.

[H] had a review where they compared IQ in some game, but the image was also taken from a slightly different camera angle...so I was wondering if any of the differences were attributed to that versus the actual setting.

RobHague 04-11-03 04:16 PM

Okies, here it is. NO AA or AF. Set to Quality

DSC 04-11-03 04:16 PM


According to the specs info, Nvidia says VPE2.0 is on all FX chips, 5800/5600/5200.

As you can see, FX5800 is verified to have VPE2.0 onboard. If anyone would test FX5600/5200 so that we can verify VPE2.0 support on them(hardware IDCT), please do the test as described in the thread above and report back. :D

RobHague 04-11-03 04:35 PM

Okies, here it is. NO AA or AF. You can tell what it was set too by the file names (as jpeg's, quality setting in filename)


To be very honest i cannot see ANY difference here at all. Even with BMP files.

ricercar 04-11-03 05:09 PM

Uh oh. Leadtek is making a single-slot quiet GF FX with VIVO.

Then scroll down to April 9th - Leadtek article.


Photo of the day: Leadtek WinFast A300 Ultra My VIVO - Cormac @ 20:02

We are now testing a novelty on NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. This time itís Leadtek's WinFast A300 Ultra My VIVO. Similar to other GeForce FX 5800 Ultra cards, this one differs from the reference only by the interesting cooling system. According to Andrew Vorobyev, our video editor, "Being very quiet, almost silent, the cooler occupies one slot. This is the best GFFX5800 card of all we have witnessed".
This is the first thing I've heard that may make me regret buying my PNY 5800 Ultra. VIVO & 1-Slot would have been nice for my Shuttle SN41G2 before I cut the case for the FX Flow.

EDIT: Bjorn3D Review http://www.************/_preview.php?articleID=262

vampireuk 04-11-03 05:41 PM

Lets then make this the official GeforceFX owners thread:)

RobHague 04-11-03 06:37 PM

Cool :D thanks.

That leadtek card looks good but im not too fussed, i like the flowfx (yes it seems im alone on that lol) and that design looks as though it could cause some heat issues with it dumping the heat back into the case and all.

The only thing i would have liked on my card would be VI as well as VO (we all paid a lot of money for our FX's and it seems a little unfair we didnt get that at least). But its not too vital i guess - nothing a proper TV card couldnt sort out. :)

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