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Default Geforce 6600 AMD64 & SuSE 10.1

I tried to install the following NVIDIA drivers for an AMD64 with SuSE 10.1.
by the two versions I am not able to have a X on the full screen.

The graphic card is a Geforce 6600 and the monitor is a LCD 1280x1024 76Hz from Benq.

If I try to use this configuration for the X, I have on the right of the screen a large black band.
If I try to use another monitor configuration:
1024x768 75Hz
the band is removed but of course the quality is decreased.

Without the NVIDIA driver I am able to use a correct resolution of 1280x1024.
I do not understand what I make wrong.

Can any one help me?
Thanks a lot of any contribution/help.
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