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Originally posted by ChrisRay
Well Sadly non Enthusiasts don't even upgrade their Operatng system unless they have too.. Sadly but surely people who buy the Geforce 4 MX's are the biggest thing on the market. And you'd be surprised how many people think they have a top of the line machine..

(yes Nvidia is to blame for this)
Well my point is this USUALLY most people will be forced to upgrade their hardware or software within 3 years. Just take a look at CPU sales and the amount of chips that have been produced in the last 3-4 years. Also non enthusiasts are likely to upgrade ethe processor and cpu rather than the 3d card but by definition 3D card means its for either gamers or professionals who ARE enthusiasts or as I call them people who are willing to pay to keep current.

I think we are getting a bit offtrack here. My point is this NV30 as a design, is good enough only because of the capabilities it offers in the programming and flexibility department since it is the foundation of the next gen chips (i believe) the next incarnation would be better.
The only problem with NV30 is that the trade offs it has made for programmability are those that make it inefficient. At a higher clock speed 5600 Ultra is bested by a ti4200 which is not only priced lower but a year old in design (PLus clocked 100MHz lower).

I believe Nv35 would atleast redeem most of these problems. But for now we are talking about Nv30 and as it stands the IQ is definitely reduced to get the gains that should have been there for a similar speed GF4 architecture.
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