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Default need help:2x GF7600, 3x CRT, driver 9625, compiz, xinerama


i got a rather uncommon setup here:
asus p5w dh deluxe
2x GF 7600 (not sli)
3x CRT 21"
debian etch (meanwhile upgraded to sid for xorg 7.1)

what i had up and running: Xgl with 8774 driver + xinerama + compiz

i did not like the cursor flickering on this setup so i decided to test the new 9625 beta driver with xorg 7.1 + compiz

my status now:
i got xorg 7.1 running with the 9625 driver (rmmod eeprom) + xinerama
when i want to start compiz now i get an error: "No RandR extension"
this was with compiz from debian apt
i downloaded compiz from git and built it => same situation
i checked in the TODO file of compiz and found: General: Multi-screen support
so maybe compiz does not have support for my setup yet

then i googled a little bit and found the beryl project
some of the things beryl should be able to manage is xinerama
=> downloaded beryl, compiled it and ... same situation
when i want to start beryl i also get the "No RandR extension" error (beryl was built with nvidia libs)

my questions:
did i do something wrong ?
is it possible (now) to have xorg 7.1 working with the 9625 driver + xinerama + compiz (or beryl) ?
if yes: what do i have to do ?
if no: why ? what do i have to wait for ?

thank you for your help (and thanks to nvidia for building much better drivers than ati )

edit: now with bugreport attachment (just in case anyone is interested)
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