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Originally posted by fish
but I could not find any comment on the actual problem! - does that mean NVIDIA is aware of the problem or is not aware of the problem or ignores it or works on it or ... - what?!?
That means I don't have any good ideas. I wanted to make sure people weren't getting the wrong impression about the documentation, but I don't know what the slowdown issue is, no.

And I'm not affiliated with nVidia at all, either. It almost sounds like you think that may be the case; it's not.

You said "And AFAIK, the driver options are all still implemented." Does that mean they still do not work?
That means that they're implemented: the XFree86 driver recognizes and uses all of them (assuming the hardware support is there -- UBB, for example, doesn't work on non-Quadro cards). The kernel module also recognizes and uses NVreg_EnableAGPFW and others, if it's given them, and assuming that both the host-bridge and the card support it (check the various /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/* files, like you've done).

Maybe that's the reason I can't enable Fast Writes?
Well, FW is a kernel module option, not an XFree86 option. It works for me. I see from your earlier posts that the card file says that FW (and SBA) are both not enabled on the card -- this has nothing to do with the chipset/GPU, it has everything to do with the manufacturer, and the card as a whole. The contents of the /proc file is what the hardware is telling the kernel module, too, so it's not like it's wrong. Your friend's card worked because it's a different card, that reports to the kernel module that it can do FW.

Can the disabled Fast Writes cause these performace losses?
Possibly, but not likely. FW aren't really all that fast, but they might help a bit.
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