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Default Re: could someone help me out with this new hard drive

Originally posted by garry
Hi,i just went and got one of those new western digital 120 gig drives with the 8 meg catch and a promise ultra 100 tx2 controller,and im not shore if ive set it up right because,ever since i set it up,and try doing bench marks in pcmark 2002 and sanrasoft 2002,the score seems to be low for that drive,when i benchmark in sandra 2002 i get a score of about 22000,and even my ibm deskstar gets about 24000 normally,but thats the weird part ever since i set all this new harddrive with the controller up,the ibm deskstar is getting really low scores in sandra 2002.only 12000 pointsim using the ibm deskstar for windows and thats hooked up on my motherboards ide portA7V266-E and ive got the new western digital on the promise ultra 100 tx2 controller,its like something is wrong somewhere,i then benchmarked the western digitall in pcmark2002 and it only got 717 points,and ive seen other people with the same hard drive getting about 980 points,or more,so i dont know whats wrong,when i go into device manager,and click on disk drives it calles the western digital a SCSI Device,heres the exact words WDC WD12 00JB-00CRA1 SCSI Device,anyway is that right or do you think ive hooked it up wrong.
IF you connect hdds to a raid controller, windows will detect that hdd as a SCSI hdd.

I also recomm. that you use 2 same HDDs if you wanna make any stripe raid system.
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