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Default Re: Composited XVideo flicker

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm afraid that I don't have any Jackie Chan movies sitting around here. I'm trying to reproduce this with assorted movies that I do have, and I'm not seeing any flickering. Can someone point me to some online content which reliably triggers the flickering?

Well, it's work with bruce lee movie too ;-)
All the funny short videos I have and I can sent you don't show the problem, may be it's related to the video bitrate (~1000kbps on mpeg-4 encoded movie).
One more thing, the distortion line is more visible on a bright background.
But then, the flicker is so oblivious (on speedy scenes) here, that if you don't see it that means you don't have it!!

Hope that help, and sorry to not be able to send you any jackie chan movie :-)
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