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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

Ahh yes, such is the life of a pvp server. I personally enjoyed the thrill and fear of being ganked while leveling. Added an element of excitement that you will never get in battlegrounds, or on a pve server. The best part of it all is when you could turn the battle to your favor, and camp the sorry fools till they start crying to their guildies.

If you guys are having a hard time with leveling on a pvp server, might I suggest traveling in groups. This dissuades a lot of people from ganking, even high level toons who may think you're an easy kill alone. Speaking of high level toons, if you have any friends who are relatively high level, there is no harm in asking for their help.

You guys honestly had it a lot easier than I did. I leveled my main (undead warlock) back before we had any buffs and fear was nerfed to near uselessness. Rough times, but I'm glad I made it through since I now have one of the most powerful pvp classes available.
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