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Default Re: Composited XVideo flicker

Originally Posted by piotrq__
Here's a sample of a movie where it's pretty much visible. (replace zzz with you know what :-) )

I can see that at 00:10:00 (the UNIVERSAL's logo showing up),
00:24:00 (that dancing chick and flashing lights - very visible there... Ummm... tearing of course ;-) ) and 00:38:00 (Trudy and Crockett).

I'm using the latest svn snapshot of mplayer.
hmm, I don't see any distortions or 'lines'. the video looks fine. I am using xine and it does not matter, if I fullscreen with 'f' or through maximising the window, the video looks fine. No problems, no 'divisions'.
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