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Default Re: Best Bit Torrent Client

Does anyone ever have problems with BT clients causing massive network slow downs and even some connection problems on some systems on the network?

My transfer rates (for 5-6 torrents max running at the same time) are usually never over 30k\sec down and 5-10k\sec up. So it isnt using up all of my cable bandwidth (3mbit\320kbit).

My brother kept getting repeatedly disconnected from yahoo messenger, like once every 15-20 minutes and I guess its been doing it off and on for probably a year (which is roughly how long we've been into BT), on two different systems he built. So earlier I went and shut down my BT client (using uTorrent now) and he said his system immediately froze for about 30 seconds and then it was fine. It also seems like our internet has been much slower than usual for the past week or two (and Ive been doing quite a bit of torrenting during that time).

Very strange stuff...

I'm wondering if its related to our older Linksys router. Its a 10\100 router with 802.11b (11Mbps) wireless. I updated the firmware a few weeks ago trying to fix a connection problem with UT2004 but it didnt fix that and it obviously hasnt fixed this torrent issue either.

I dont know a lot about networking so this has me stumped.

Any ideas?
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