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hey, you'll have to edit the XF86Config yourself. A good starting point will be the one you get when you type "XFree86 -configure" (as root). and eh: read the HOWTOS, slackware is a lot more do-it-yourself than RH's RPM hell. this all IMHO of course

of course, you have to follow the nvidia instructions: in XF86Config, disable dri, not the nv driver but the nvidia driver, etc, etc. the nvidia documentation is pretty straightforward, no need to repeat it here.

lilo with W2K Pro works out-of-the box here. different from XP Pro? dunno... maybe you should disable "fastboot" in /etc/lilo.conf? (wild guess). does RH use lilo? what does the /etc/lilo.conf loof like, might give you some hints.

anyways, have fun trying slack, it's a pretty cool distro and editing files is not as scary as pushing buttons in a gui, not knowing what is happening. again IMHO . one could also see it as a different level of abstraction *grin*.

Originally posted by 3777
I know this isn't related to your post but I caught a glimpse of slackware and it really impressed me. I tried to install it on my main system, but when it's done, my screen goes black after boot up. It's not a boot problem, it just can't read/detect either my card or monitor. I have a TI4600 and NEC Multisync...... I was just wondering if this was because I used auto detect during install. Also, when I install the slackware bootloader, I install the "bare" kernel and put lilo on the MBR, but when the menu comes up after install, in only shows Linux, it can't seem to detect my XP Pro partition...... any ideas how to fix either of these problems? I'd really like to get Slackware working .....(Use Red Hat right now)
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