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Default 3D mark with new mobo

Got some new test info for you.
I just ran 3Dmark2k3 with my new mobo and my score increased a bit. I ran the "compare" with other 2.4 ghz systems, and mine now comes up as 4th in the list (all the others are 9700pro's). My score was 5136. Other scores above me were :
5158,5189, 5430. Please keep in mind I am using 512ddr266 on a dual channel board! Next week I will purchase Corsair TwinX 1GB DDR 400 (2 X 512 DDR400 CL 2). I will run again and let you know. I tested it with Corsair (2 X 256 XMS DDR 400 (=512)) at work and improved over 2000 points on 3dmark 2k1 (we didn't have 2k3 to test it with). We shall see next week...

My Rig
P4 2.4 (533)
MSI 655Max (rev. A)
512 MB PC2100 (DDR 266) (By 1 week from Thursday - 1GB Corsair TwinX DDR 400)
GeForce FX 5800Ultra (Det. 43.45)
2 (40) GB HD (Maxtor 7200 RPM) (within 2 months - both SATA (1) WD Raptor (1000RPM 8MB) 36 GB (for winxp C Drive), (1) Seagate (7200RPM 8MB) 120GB for secondary drive.
WinXPPro (SP1)

Anyone else have 655 chipset with a FX5800 Ultra? Curious too see your scores/rigs...
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