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Smile Re: that's not too high

Originally posted by jongew
this is not very fast for a gforce2mx...

fish reported in another thread that a friend of his with the same graphics card got framerates as high as 1500 fps with a setup not too different from yours (probably, hard to tell from his post).

i cannot quake at bearable framerates with >16bpp@800x600

sucks compared to windows (i hardly dare say it...). i want to run quake well on linux!
now it's hardly, if at all, an improvement over my old PCI based voodoo3....

ye ye complain complain
Well, I'm totally satisfied with 3D performance of my GF2 MX in Linux Q3 timedemo gives me like ~73 fps with 800x600@32bpp in Linux and ~65 fps in Windows 2000. Everything's set to the maximum, except Texture Quality, which is not highest, but high and Marks On The Walls are off. I even turned on so called geforce optimizations in Q3 as suggested by John Carmack (ID Software) at like 2 years ago.

Linux is a great gaming platform
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