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Originally posted by jongew
ehm, can you tell me how you did this? i can't find anything on the linked page (, so if you could help me out with a pointer to a FAQ HOWTO or whatever i'd be much obliged!
Well, these settings won't increase the overall speed. Here is the quote:

Q. How can I get the best possible image quality from Quake 3 Arena?

Firstly, adjust all settings to High Quality in the menu options of Quake 3 Arena, and then set Geometry Detail to High and Texture Detail to the extreme right hand side.

These settings were suggested by John Carmack in order to make the best use of the GeForce - type them in the console:

* /r_lodBias -2 // don't use lower detail models.
* /r_subdivisions 1 // lots more triangles in curves.
* /r_lodCurveError 10000 // don't drop curve rows for a long time.
* /vid_restart

If you want to undo these settings, just select a geometry detail level inside the game.

* /r_stencilbits 8 // enable the 8 bit stencil buffer.
* /vid_restart
* /cg_shadows 2 // enable stencil shadows.

If you want to undo these settings, set cg_shadows back to 1.

However, the shadows options may slow you down quite significantly - they're not recommended if you're into huge 20 player frag fests!
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