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well i noticed most people can't notice the difference between even having anis. on and off.. for some reason I can and I do.. heh.. i am the type of person to go into a game just to stand and stare at walls :x i bought Quake3 for benchmarking and screenshots alone..

G6-200 .. Surprised by your pics.. the LOD is sharp as can be and the anis. filtering looks great.. looks like you got vertex lighting on or your gamma sorta high and your FoV is ugly but overall GF4 looks surprisingly well..

and saturnotaku .. your pics look almost perfect (sharpness) ..

hmm.. taking what I've seen here into consideration .. I think i'm going to hold off and see how GF4 prices drop.. Not only will they most likely drop since Radeon9700 was released.. but isnt nvidia releasing a higher clocked AGP8X GF4 soon?

Thanks again everyone
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