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Originally Posted by netllama
I believe that I've run into this problem, and opened bug 257362. However, I'd still like to see a bug report to verify that those reporting it here are hitting the same issue as I've come across. In my testing, using the ConnectedMonitor option works around the lack of TV encoder detection.

You are just damn lucky. ConnectedMonitor does NOT work around this issue. With the current beta driver I can set:

a) Twinview (though I do NOT want it)
b) Separate TV
c) Separate LCD

But NO I CANNOT set them both working together (I will bug report later). If I use ConnectedMonitor option - TV wakes up and runs the second X screen (as should) but the LCD (the first X screen) goes "out of singnal" as nvidia driver sets some crazy refresh rate (for LCD) of around 141hz. Yes, nvidia driver completely ignores the refresh rates I put in the LCD Monitor section.

The funny thing - the nvidia-settings detects my TV, but I cannot use it (ConnectedMonitor does NOT help). Sorry for the long post.

PS: Would you, nvidia guys, consider the following driver options:

**Section Device**
Option "DetectMonitor" "CRT-0" # detects and uses any found CRT


**Section Device**
Option "ForceMonitor" "TV-0" # just sends the signal to the videocard's TVout (like damn old vcr do) No bloody buggy detection

PPS: I will post my bugreport later. Thanks
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