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Default Re: Choosing a Distro

I've used several distributions and I have noticed that... there is always something to love and to hate in each distribution.

I hereby add my list of "Like / Dislike" for each distribution I have used / am using: (I have used other distributions aswell.. .but not worth mentioning right now)

Redhat: Like: Easy to install / setup - Dislike: RPM, aint the best way to manage software-packages nowadays
Mandrake: Like: Very easy to configure pheriperals with - Dislike: based upon RPM
SuSE: Like: A huge bunch of software are bundled with the installation CD's/DVD - Dislike: Seems to use a different setup for the configuration files.
Slackware: Like: Let the user to stay in control of things- Dislike: its package manager
Debian: Like: Easy to keep up to date, powerful package manager - Dislike: package manager are not as powerful as Gentoo's
Gentoo: Like: The powerful package manager, portage - Dislike: Need a HUGE ammount of time to install/update due the compilation of sourcecode.

I use Gentoo nowadays both on my servers/clients aswell as my home-computer because I like it's package manager "Portage" and it's use of the USE -variable
Another thin I like about gentoo, it's the documentation you find on the internet:
Gentoos official homepage:

Some of gentoo's documentation even fit other distributions aswell, just adapt a bit and you're good to go.

It's the gentoo documentation that keeps me staying on it, and I usually leave my computers over the night/weekend etc if I need to install/update some big stuff. as the smaller packages install fast enough anyway. (and that I use 5 other computers in a distcc configuration too [distcc, see: ])
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