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Default Re: Driver 9625 - TV not detected at startup, but nv-settings does

Originally Posted by netllama
The problems that you're describing sounds different than the problems that others are reporting here. However, without a bug report, I can't speculate on what is happening on your system.

The ConnectedMonitor option already accomplishes what your suggested new options do.

No, sir - I have exactly the same problem: at startup TV cannot be detected, but using nvidia-settings it can be detected. I saved an xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings (dualhead setup) - TV not detected, only LCD screen is up.

I played with options to force tv out (it can be a wrong config from nvidia's point of view but anyway). And with that conf I forced TV out (with x starting two screens) but the LCD went down. So finally I had :1 on TV and nothing (141hz signal) at :0 LCD.
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