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Default How do I install drivers for nVidia geForce4 440 Go 64Mb Card before windows starts?

I just bought a new nVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64Mb card for my Dell Inspiron 8200 . I put the card into my laptop and didn't change any of the drivers or video BIOS and it was working wonderfully. Then, as many have done to their greatest regret, I went to and updated the Driver and BIOS that were there for my specific card.

We all know what happened after that...I did manage to fix the BIOS due to this site (Thank you so much!) and the thread for that is:

But now I have another issue at hand, the drivers. I cannot even go all the way into windows (it is a dark screen) and rollback my drivers to the previous ones. My windows setup disc drivers are for my OLD video card (which I believe was the same issue, but I was too naive to do what I'm doing now to fix it) and so that won't do either

What I really want to do (and what I think is the only solution) is to somehow install the correct drivers before windows even starts up, either through a BOOT disc or somehow through the windows setup and I put a floppy or CD in to the drive to install the drivers. (F6 maybe??) I don't know how to set up the floppy or CD however, and I also don't know how to install, so if anyone does know this information I will be extremely grateful!

Again, this is for an nVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64Mb card ( I also am not sure of which drivers to even use, so if you could tell me that too, thanks!!)
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