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Arrow Re: Linux beta 9625 color corruption

(Sorry about the large image, I didn't know how to make a thumbnail )

Thanks for your reply,

0) I tried commenting out the composite extension and various other parts of my xorg.conf to no avail.
1) The color is corrupted right off the bat and can be seen in GDM. The color corruption does not appear in a screenshot.
2) Using the GIMP color sampler I can pick around and get the correct RGB values.

Also look closely at the photo, I took it of GIMP on purpose. The bottom three color bars should be (from the bottom up) blue, green, and red fading from 0 to 255 but instead the blue bar is solid black (!), green is correct but segmented into blocks (not visible in photo, sorry, it is divided into about 16 blocks), the red bar is also divided into 16 blocks (which can be seen) but each block fades from red to blue!
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