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Default Re: Composited XVideo flicker

I don't have a video texture adaptor, it's the hardware's fault I guess.

Anyway, got a chat with mplayer devs... It was really hard to find a good arg. to convince them, and all I finally got was: "well i don't really oppose such an option but i'm not motivated enough to write it now" and "maybe you could ask the nvidia guys in that thread why vsync would be an option at all when drawing to an offscreen buffer"...

So I don't know... MAYBE they will implement this... In the mean-time I will be using a dirty 'n' quick wrapper hack:


mplayer $@ &
sleep 1
xvattr -a XV_SYNC_TO_VBLANK -v 0 &

Reduces tearing/removes it in less dynamic scenes, so kinda helps, always better than nothing I think and keeps my eyes from popping out. Does pretty much the same thing that the beryl patch would do :-)

Tried enabling "Sync to vblank" in compiz, but this makes everything that compiz renders very choppy unfortunately.

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