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point is ATI still is not on a 6 month cycle.
Nope, not yet, but they have commited to improving that. Normally I would take a wait and see approach. If we look back at ATIs past then I could almost bet that wont happen. But over the last 8 months ATI has been a lot better about keeping its word. Lets see if thats they continue keeping their word....

I think that once the NV30 is released, Nvidia is on a 4 month cycle until the NV35 like with the GF3TI and GF4TI series.
That would be the absoulte worse case for NV customers, the board vendors. The will not have time to sell their stock pile of nV30 parts. One of the reasons we did not have the GF4 Ti4200 with the others is that these board vendors complained that they had a lot of stock of GF3 parts they needed to move. So nV held off a bit and gave them a chance to move old parts. A 6 month cycle does nothing to help us get better games. A 4 month cycle is even worse.


you realize in CPU limited cases you can have a bank of NV30s and it still wont give you one more FPS faster scores. THE CPU just can not keep the cards busy enough so you get a nice flat line. You can beet that the NV30 will show the same results on CPU limited games. Also by your logic if nothing out today taxes the GF3, then no reason to get the NV30 at all...we have to wait until games tax the GF4 which probably is another 8 months away. According to some public info NV expected the NV30 to be 2.5 time faster than the GF4 with AA at 1280x1024 which is very close to what the R9700 is doing now. They two maybe a lot closer than you think.
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