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Default VT crash with tv-out

I posted this in another thread, but since this issue might be unique, I'll try to make a new one.

It is yet another framebuffer/VT crash situation, but I nailed it down a bit and it is perfectly reproducible.

Whenever the system needs to change to another VT, the machine crashes hard.

The funny thing is, that this only happen when the tv-out is actually connected to the TV. Having the cable in the graphics card, but unplugged from the TV doesn't reproduce the crash.
Whether or not the TV is on or off doesn't matter, it still crashes.

Motherboard: Asus A7V133-C
CPU: AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1333

Graphics Card: Asus V9280/TD
Chip: TI 4200 128 Mb
Tv encoder: Phillips 7104
BIOS version:

Kernel: Linux 2.4.20
Driver version: 1.0-4349

My Tv is connected using a Composite converter that ends ind a Scart jack. With my old gfx card I needed to select Composite output to make this work.

I tried setting it up on windows for testing the card. The default Asus and Nvidia drivers won't activate Tv-out, but when testing with Tv-tool it works perfectly. I guess this is because the default drivers won't let me select composite.

Testing tv-out on Linux is a bit hard because I can't shut down the machine properly or use a normal console, I have to turn off the power in order to try out a new X configuration.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to proceed? Is there any chance that another cable would produce different results, for instance one using S-Video? I suspect that some part of the card tries to get information from the TV, and that this fails in some way.
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