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Exclamation 9625 hangs at RENDER

I did a --update and the NV installer got, built & installed(successfully) version 9625.
When loading X, the screen blanks and stays that way; keyboard is non-functional (apparently) except for magic-sys keys (at least the reBoot works...; C-A-D does not.).
It took a few days to find out it is the 9625 driver.
The 8774 works okay.
If I either --update or download and build everything goes a-okay until it is time for X to start. I.e., the --sanity check passes.

I looked into the file and the 'hung-version' log has normal content down to
''(**) NVIDIA(0): Enabling RENDER acceleration"
and nothing else after that.
Of course I don't know if that means the next 'normal' item is what died or if it was the RENDER. Next item in the Xorg log is the ID of the video card:
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce 7800 GTX at PCI:1:0:0
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoRAM: 262144 kBytes
NB: PCI:1:0:0 is _not_ specified in the config file since I only use one card and one monitor at this time.
I waited a considerable amount of time at one point yesterday(minutes) when I did not know what was causing the trouble so it apparently silently dies and takes most of keyboard with it.
(I think the magic-sys key combo to Sync also works but I cannot be sure. No fsck required at reboot so figure it must...)

Version : 6.9.0
Release : 48

Linux gbt1 #1 SMP
Vendor: SUSE LINUX (version 10.1-x)

HW: Dual Opterons and one eVga 7800GTX

Same config file in both nvidia versions(8774 & 9625), as well as previous versions.
FYI: dri module is being loaded, however, in previous crashes/hangs the "dri" module was not specified in the config file.

I looked for a sticky but I suppose there is not one yet - or did I miss it?

NB: This also occured with newer kernel versions. That is, in fact, where I first noticed the issue. The first build was using kernel-source- (and of course the same kernel-smp version). It also failed with build from source and kernel-smp-
sillyme thought it was a kernel issue so I uninstalled them.

That's all.
Hope you can fix since it caused me quite a bit of trouble(I nearly killed the system trying to get fixes ...) and it might do the same to others.


EDIT: I just checked at the site and the latest driver is 8774.
nvidia-installer -a --update
download, build and install 9625? I never signed-up for any beta testing...
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