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Default Re: FC5 fail to load "nvsound.ko"

Originally Posted by chris_startx
OK, then I have a simple question:

For my sound chip - vendor id 0x10de, device id 0x026c, subvendor id 0x107b, subdevice id 0x0317 - what ALSA driver do you recommend?
The name of it seems to be "nVidia MCP51 High Definition Audio".

Neither i810_audio nor snd_hda_intel DO NOT WORK!
Having the same Problem. Tried the NFOCRE driver from
patched nvmain.c and got: (dmesg)
nvsound: Unknown symbol remap_page_range
somethings seems wrong with nvidia and amd62 architectures. Having also problems with nvidia driver under 2.8.18 (x86_64).
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