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Default Re: Overclocking My FX-55 For the first Time

OK, first of all, unless your FX55 is a san-diego core, your not getting close to 3.0GHz, sorry. I've had all the FX chips (except the fx60,62) and unless your using phase change cooling, they OC terrible. IF your using a clawhammer core FX55 (130nm) the most I got on air cooling (xp120 w/212CFM fan) was 3060Mhz (12*255) and this was @ 1.72v and the chip was totally stable but idled @ 59c and loaded @ 70c, which is WAY to hot.
If you by chance have the san-diego core FX55 (90nm) they are alot better. These run cooler, require less Volts, and have SSE3. On phase I got my FX55 (90nm) to 3.45GHz using 1.61Vcore, and on AIR i got 3135 (11*285) totally stable.
What your OC comes down too is a few things
1. Which core FX chip do you have (if you have the 130nm, forget about OCing)
2. Is your RAM up to the task
3. Is your motherboard good enough.
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