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Lightbulb Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Ok since i got my E6700 i couldnt really tell how powerfull it is because i couldnt see any real benefit in real games since most of them are usually GPU limited. i mean yeah i get higher scores in SuperPI & 3DMark , but thats nothing if theres no significant advantage in real-world games.

anyway long story short i took LOTR : Battle For Middle Earth 2 for a spin with the new Conore CPU to test it againest the 4800+ .. i asked my friend to make a savegame with insane amount of army to see how the processors with cope with their AI & pathfiniding .. etc
FYI BFME2 is very CPU demanding esp when you build a large army & get into battles.
i took the savegame & with little mod i turned it into a CPU benchmark & here are some quick results :
1) notice the test will stress only the CPU , the GPU seems to have no effect ( i made sure of that by running the bench on both 800x600 & 1280x1024 res .. exact same results ).
2) Idnetical settings used & high-end GPUs.

3 systems where used .. 2 of mine & 1 of my friend's .

4400+ @2.3Ghz = 8fps
4800+ @2.4Ghz = 9fps (~12.5%+ over 4400@2.3)
E6700 @2.7Ghz = 14fps ! (55.6% + over 4800+)

Now if there are enough members here interesed on contributing on the benchie i'll be happy to upload the savegame & give instructions on how to do it .. & i'm sure this bench will be very helpfull for overclockers to test o/c advantage in a realtime bench aswell as getting ready for C&C3 which will be using the same engine.
if there isnt enough people interested in this (or dont have the game actually to test) .. well i'll leave it at that in hope that some readers can make use of it or take notes.

EDIT : see post #6 for the savegame & instrcutions.

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