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Default Re: glu library - solaris 10 x86


I'm running the 0606 version of Solaris and the most recent (downloaded today after an older version didn't work) nvidia driver. I also have the problem where the glu.h file isn't found. I'm trying to compile gtkglext, which says it requires opengl or mesa. I thought the nvidia drivers would install opengl, but this header/library is missing. I tried the links attached, but they no longer work...

I am familiar with solaris, but I'm using my own computer and I'm a noob at solaris sysadm, so I struggling with this. This is the first link I've found that doesn't point to mesa, and gtkglext says it needs either, not both, mesa or opengl.

I would really appreciate some help getting glu.h and the associated files loaded for solaris.

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