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My "logic" is correct. There is NO NEED to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3. Once again, there is no need to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3. The geforce3 will run Ut2k3 just fine which is going to be the best game out there untill splinter cell and doom 3. When is doom 3 coming out? Next year first quarter. When is nv30 coming out? This year december, or next year January. It makes sense, that if you have a geforce 3 or above right now, you dont rush and get a radeon 9700, when in three months a superior card will arrive. John Carmack and everybody else that has used the previewed the nv30 under NDA from nvidia(anandtech, nvmax, beyond3d, nvnews, ect. ect.) has said that the nv30 will be faster than the 9700.
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