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Originally posted by sancheuz
My "logic" is correct. There is NO NEED to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3. Once again, there is no need to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3. The geforce3 will run Ut2k3 just fine which is going to be the best game out there untill splinter cell and doom 3.
I have a GF4 Ti4400 and I'm jonesing for this card, big-time. I would agree with your statement if you qualified it by saying that if you don't use AA and/or AF you don't need to upgrade. I don't know about you, but on my P4 2.4B rig, AA and AF bring my GF4 to its knees.

But let me guess: NV30 comes out in December and plays UT2003 within 5% of what the 9700 does and suddenly it'll be time to upgrade, eh?
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