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Unhappy Nvidia driver thinks BeleniX OpenSolaris distribution is Solaris 10!


I am seeing this weird issue. I have integrated the nvidia driver into BeleniX
0.5 which is essentially OpenSolaris Build 48. The nvidia console framebuffer device fails to initialize with the following warnings:

WARNING: terminal_emulator: VIS_CONS_REV 2 (see sys/visual_io.h) of console fb driver not supported
WARNING: consconfig: terminal emulator failed to initialize

Now Solaris 10 use the VIS_CONS_REV or 2 while OpenSolaris specifies it as 3. Since the same binary driver is designed to work on both Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris (Solaris Express) it seems that the nvidia driver thinks BeleniX (OpenSolaris build 48) to be Solaris 10!

I am using the version: 1.0-8774
Is there any reason why this is so ? I had tried an earlier version of the driver on an earlier build of OpenSolaris (BeleniX) with no problems.
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